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BBQ Smoker Swivel Handle, Stainless Steel Handle with Large Brackets

Handle Length: Just Brackets
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Stainless Steel Swivel Handle with Steel Brackets

This swivel handle is ready to be welded onto your smoker build! You will receive the steel brackets and stainless steel handle and hardware. Stainless steel pipe is cut to the length of your choice, end caps welded on, drilled and tapped, and stainless steel hardware added to allow swivel.

If choosing JUST brackets, you will receive TWO brackets that are cut and rid of mill scale and ready to have a piece of rod, pipe etc welded between them for you to create your own handle

  • Brackets cut from durable 1/4" Carbon Steel, measuring approximately 11.5" long with the design you select
  • Handle made from stainless steel pipe
  • American Made
  • Small Business Made 

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