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Open Fire Cooking Grate

Size: 18" x 10"
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Take your outdoor cooking to the next level with one of our handcrafted carbon steel and expanded steel cooking grates. 
  • Cook anything from steaks, corn, burgers, bacon, chicken wings, vegetables, hotdogs etc. These plates are perfect open fire cooking and cooking over a firepit. They are a great camping accessory to have with you for open fire cooking.
  • All of our grates are made using 1/4" thick carbon steel and expanded steel. Spring handles are used as the handles for a comfortable grip while moving it. We recommend wearing a good pair of work gloves or high heat grill gloves while using.
  • American Made, HEAVY DUTY
*Do not clean with soap, just wipe out with a towel, water and dry. To use, season the griddle with cooking oil from time to time and store it inside when not using. There are many YouTube videos out there demonstrating different ways to achieve a great season on your carbon steel cooking grates, if you need guidance on how to do that. Please reach out also with any questions!

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